CEOG – Only Hip Hop Album To Be Called “ExtraSpecialGood”

Biggie Babylon CEOG Deluxe album cover 1400x1400


*Out of nearly 300 album submissions to the City Beat,  ”C.E.O.G.” was 1 of 8 albums to be called “ExtraSpecialGood”  and the only hip hop album to receive this honor.

“C.E.O.G. Hip-hop has become a tired parody of itself, but Alvin Shamoun, formerly known as Entre-P and currently known as Biggie Babylon, makes the genre fresh and exciting again by telling it from the Iraqi-American perspective. He neither samples hits from the 1970s nor brags about bling; Producer Josh Franks composes tasty Middle Eastern-flavored riffs and Biggie Babylon spits out rhymes that don’t make me feel embarrassed for him (hello, Kanye). Every song is polished, professional and ready for radio airplay, but two in particular stood out. The first, “After Party,” produced by Biggie Babylon has an Italo-disco bass line so twisted that it must have been born in Chernobyl, and if you can’t shake your ass to this, you have no ass at all. “Neapolitan Blunts,” however, is my new favorite jam. Here Biggie Babylon informs us that his entrepreneurial ventures include a dispensary and that the Neapolitan is “3 different weeds and 1 Swisher Sweet.” Other thoroughly kick-ass tunes include “Quit Leechin’” and “Zombies.” I’ll definitely be keeping my ear out for his latest project”

—Diana Death, San Diego City Beat (The Great Album Review) Feb. 2014

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